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Why Did We Create LoopFX?

Blair Hawthorne, CEO, LoopFX

Why Did We Create LoopFX?

LoopFX is a new concept designed for FX professionals, by FX professionals.

Until last year I was an FX dealer. Like all practitioners, I wanted to get the best deal for my clients but on big trades my options were limited.

With a lack of real time data to use, I was frustrated that I had no way of knowing precisely which bank was best positioned to take my trade.

As a result, large trades required a difficult choice:

  1. Ask multiple banks and risk information leakage; or,

  2. Best guess one bank to direct the trade to.

That’s why I came up with the idea for LoopFX. A unique new proposition in peer-to-peer, it allows the buyside to silently match large offsetting orders directly against fellow buyside institutions, or versus bank axes. LoopFX is secure and hassle free, integrates seamlessly into current workflows and requires minimal changes to existing legal agreements.

LoopFX represents a win-win.

When a full or partial match is found, information leakage and execution costs are reduced. But even if no match is found, Best Execution processes are improved by allowing dealers to trade in full confidence that there was no counterparty available, at that exact time, which could have offset that trade.

I look forward to working together with you in 2023.

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